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The Quality Early Education System (QEES) is funded by The Children's Board of Hillsborough County.


QEES is designed to: 

  • Streamline early learning professional development

  • Promote high quality early learning

  • Support early care educators/caregivers

  • Increase kindergarten readiness

​The Quality Early Education System has four components to deliver services: HCC-Pathways, the Conscious Awareness Learning Model (CALM), Early Literacy Matters (ELM), and Business Management & Operations.  

  • HCC-Pathways offers continuing education, professional development and on-site coaching on the foundations of early childhood education.

  • CALM provides universal training to early education providers and families in social-emotional learning using the Conscious Discipline® approach. The program builds the foundation for constructive problem solving and self-regulation, allowing children to be successful in their early years and ready for kindergarten.

  • The ELM program provides ongoing training for early childhood teachers and families. ELM provides a comprehensive three-tiered approach to literacy by mentoring and working with preschool children, teachers and families. 

  • The Business Management & Operations team provides support and services focused on organizational and operational management practices to all licensed child care facilities and child care homes. The services are offered through on-site coaching and training sessions, built on evidence-based practices.

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QEES Yearly Evaluation Reports


Click here to read the QEES Year 1 Evaluation report, completed by RMC Research.

Click here to read the QEES Year 2 Evaluation report, completed by RMC Research.

Click here to read the QEES Year 3 Evaluation report, completed by RMC Research.

Click here to read the QEES Year 4 Evaluation report, completed by RMC Research.

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QEES in the News
Yearly Evaluation Reports
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