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Director Spotlight

Yemilka Travieso, Director at Casita 4 Kids Learning Center

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Yemilka Travieso is the director of Casita 4 Kids Learning Center, LLC. She previously was a family childcare provider for many years. All her experience and preparation has led Yemilka to own and operate Casita 4 Kids Learning Center. She credits her motivation and encouragement to the unwavering support she receives from her family. Yemilka is proud of her success, and it inspires her to learn and grow even more every day.

Yemilka has an infectious love and passion for her professional development, and she seeks all avenues to support her students and families. She credits her excellent work with children and the community to her understanding of their needs. Yemilka strives to keep children safe, in a welcoming and inspired environment where they can learn while having fun.

We hope Yemilka’s participation in the QEES program continues to help her achieve her professional goals. Thank you for your work in the early learning community of Hillsborough County.

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