Director Spotlight

Teresa Chamizo - Owner, Teresa Chamizo FCCH

Teresa Chamizo has been in education since she graduated in Cuba at the age of 17, for around 40 years. She has been working as a family childcare provider for 7 years in Hillsborough County. Teresa enjoys working with young children because she loves how spontaneous and sincere they are and how they love and are open to love.


“When you love young children, you can achieve anything with them. Even if they are a “difficult” child or a child with learning difficulties,” said Teresa.

Teresa constantly feels inspired by children to do what she does with love, care, lots of patience and creativity. She loves how she can repeat the same lesson for days, but there is always a moment when she sees that the children grasp the concept. Teresa also loves getting to know the families of children in her care.

Teresa believes that early childhood educators and the early learning community need to be very well prepared to teach and work with young children. She feels that a provider’s job is much more than babysitting, changing diapers or potty training.

A provider’s job is teaching children and families different life skills alongside academics. She believes providers should also love what they do because if they do not then it does not matter how much they prepare. Teresa believes that being prepared and having love for what you do go hand in hand and produce a successful early childhood provider.