Director Spotlight

Cait-Lyn Rodriguez of Best Friends for Kidz


Cait-Lyn has been a dedicated early childhood educator for over 15 years, spending the past 5 years in a leadership role at Best Friends for Kidz. She feels fortunate with the personal reward and satisfaction that it brings and says, “Early childhood educators have the very real opportunity to make a difference in young lives, and also influence future generations.”


Cait-Lyn enjoys working with children because she loves the way they view the world. She loves to see them grow, to see all the things they learn and how surprised they are when they learn something new. Cait-Lyn says it is that innocence that makes them so unique. She likes to see how genuine they are and at the same time she is learning from them as much as they learn from her.

Cait-Lyn is most proud of her parent engagement practices and creating systems that allow her to be more engaged with the children and families she serves. She loves working with her teachers on lesson planning and activities that will challenge the children and celebrate each milestone.


Thank you, Cait-Lyn, for being such a great asset to our early learning community.