Director Spotlight

Elyse Gonzalez, Director at Bamboo Bambino Learning Academy


Elyse Gonzalez is a dedicated center director at Bamboo Bambino Learning Academy. She is very passionate about serving children with special needs and maintains an inclusive environment. Elyse seeks every opportunity to create an environment where children can feel independent with many unique qualities that set it apart from other early childcare and education settings. She also enjoys helping families receive community resources for their children or for any household issues that may arise. 

Elyse is most proud of her dedicated staff. She constantly works to provide professional development opportunities to all of her staff. They continuously enroll in courses to help them gain the knowledge needed to serve the community, families, and children in their care.

Elyse recently received her CDA along with another member of her staff.

Thank you Elyse, for being a part of our early childcare community. We appreciate you for providing the amazing care to our families and children.